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main services


Concept Design

As Architects we love drawing and designing stuff - it's why we became architects in the first place! We also love talking to people and understanding what they want from a building or public space and then shaping that understanding into a viable concept design.


Outline Design and Planning

Taking a concept and beginning to turn it into reality is one of the most exciting parts of our job and we enjoy producing drawings that 'sell' the idea as well as making sure that what we are drawing is actually deliverable. It is at this stage that most of the key decisions are made.


Detailed Design and Building Regulations

So your project has Planning Permission - now is the time to make sure that it's properly designed from a technical perspective. A good outline design is a great foundation for this next stage but there will still be problems to solve and decisions to make!


Finding a Builder

It is not enough to have a great design - you also need a good builder and we can help to find one. Spending time at this stage working out the detailed specification and setting out the terms of a contract will ensure that the project has a chance of running smoothly once it's on site. We will also help you identify a suitable builder and obtain an accurate price for the works - usually quite important!


Construction and Contract Administration

This is where it gets messy - literally! Keeping control of changes and making sure the builder delivers what he is expected to whilst being surrounded by the inevitable mess and noise that construction involves is counter-balanced by seeing drawings become reality! We do what we do best allowing you to do what you do best!



The project is finished but there are still a few loose ends that need tidying up - not least the contractor's final account. Snagging a finished project is not the most glamorous part of our job but someone has to do it! We will also carry out an inspection at the end of the defects liability period (normally 12months) and make sure the contractor makes good any problems.

Specialised Services


Feasibility Studies:

Sometimes you simply do not know what to do with your building or site and that's where we can help. With experience of producing feasibility studies for both private clients and local authorities on a wide range of projects from libraries and public spaces through to residential developments and refurbishments we can help you see the wood despite the trees.



Sometimes it is necessary to have a long term vision for a project to allow you to deliver it. We can help you approach your project strategically, providing both concepts and strategies for delivering phased developments. From simple phasing drawings through to detailed masterplans we have the tools and experience to help you plan for the future.