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Prentice Place Refurbishment Project confirmed

We are pleased to announce that our proposals for the refurbishment of Prentice Place Neighbourhood Centre in Harlow have been approved by Cabinet and announced in the local press.

Prentice Place Neighbourhood Centre is one of the original neighbourhood centres which provide local shops in the heart of each of the neighbourhoods which form the unique town plan of Harlow New Town. Over time the development has started to show its age and the public realm leaves much to be desired!

We, along with Project Managers Faithful and Gould, were asked to explore options for the regeneration of the Neighbourhood Centre ranging from full redevelopment to a more sensitive regeneration programme. The approved scheme will see the external envelope of the building completely refurbished with works also being proposed to improve the public realm.

If you want to read all about it in the Harlow Star the article can be found here.

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